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Welcome to Primrose Lane Medical Centre

Tuesday 30/07/19

This time of year is registrar change over - This year Dr Faye McWilliam starts her year with us on the 9th August but Dr McLelland will still be with us until November

Tuesday 21/05/19

Tomorrow we are having a new telephone system installed. There will be some disruption to our phone service. Hopefully this will be limited to a few minutes of the phones being down but it may be longer or there may be unforeseen issues. Please be patient and, as always, if you are experiencing a genuine emergency phone 999. After the telephone system changes we will no longer have a fax machine.

Wednesday 08/05/19

From the 22nd May 19 we will not longer have a fax machine

Tuesday 30/04/19

We are only partially open on Monday 6th May. The building is open for pre-booked appointments but we are will not have any phones and callers will be directed to NHS 24 111ays phone NHS 24 on 111. As always if you feel it is an emergency phone 999. (Emergency is usually defined as risk to life or limb)

Monday 15/04/19

We are closed on Friday 19th and Monday 22nd April if you urgently need to see a GP on these days phone NHS 24 on 111 if your condition is life threatening always call 999

Tuesday 26th February

We will soon have more nursing and phlebotomy staff

Thursday 17th January

We have some Flu vaccines for primary school kids who have not had the vaccine if you wish your child vaccinated please phone for an appointment as once these are used we won't get more.

Christmas and New Year closure 2018

We are closed Tuesday 25th & Wednesday 26th December and Tuesday 1st & Wednesday 2nd January 2019

If you need to see a doctor urgently or either of these d

Wednesday 31/10/18

We welcome our new practice nurse Mrs Julie Leslie

Thursday 11/10/18

We currently have no Flu Vacs for patients over 75. We will contact the patients once we have them in. 

Thursday 13/09/18

On 1st October the surgery will only be open for pre-booked flu vaccinations only. You can book an appointment now for a flu vaccinations if you are elligible. At the moment we do not have a date for delivery of the childrens' vaccines so we can currently only make appointments for over 18s

Tuesday 31/08/18

Primrose Lane is a training practice. Dr Richard McClelland, our next registrar, starts this week and will start seeing patients later in September

Tuesday 17/07/18

Hopefully we may have the resource to start offering a small number of routine appointments from early August

Tuesday 10/07/18

Summer holidays! use sun cream, cover up and stay hydrated and make sure the kids do as well. We will not be fully staffed for several weeks due to annual leave so we are especially short of appointments.

Thursday 07/06/18

Patient Access has updated. Much of it's new functionality does not apply to Scottish surgeries. It does work if you log in with your user number (ending 18737) and the password you set. It does not seem to allow your browser to remember your password. We have been told the Android app is not working. Our available appointments are not showing (not that there is any for anyone but the midwife) and this has been reported to the supplier. Booked appointments and medication does show so it is still possible to cancel through the website. 

Tuesday 22/05/18

We are even more short of appointments than normal until the end on July. There will be no appointments being released on a daily basis. If you require an appointment please phone on the day that you need to be seen.

Tuesday 24th April 18

Our list is again full and we are not accepting new patients other than family members moving into the household of existing patients

Monday 19/03/18

Easter opening times. Friday 30th March we are open for pre-booked appointments only. Emergency cover will be provided by NHS 24. Monday 2nd April we are completely closed and emergency cover will again be NHS 24 telephone 111.

Tuesday 20/02/18

Please make sure your contact details are up to date. We are looking at a text reminder and emailing system but without accurate contact details for the majority of patients it isn't really worth us paying for it. You can update your details through the form on this site or fill out a form at reception next time you are in.

Wednesday 10/01/18

With the new year well under way can we again remind you that we are still very short of routine appointments for GPs. Please help us by cancelling any appointments you no longer need. This can be done online. To request registration for online access fill out this form and hand into the surgery. Log in details will then be sent to you.

Application for Online Access (over 16s only)

Consider carefully whether a visit to the surgery is really necessary. It may be quicker to speak to your pharmacist or more appropriate to self care. Self care advice can be found through NHSINFORM

NHSinform website

We apologise for our phone system. Calls are answered as quickly as possible but we are aware it can seem to take forever to get through. Please don't take out your frustration on the receptionist who finally answers as this just means it takes longer for them to deal with your query and answer the next call.

Tuesday 19/12/17

We are closed 25th & 26th December and 1st & 2nd January if you feel you need urgently seen during the times we are closed you should call NHS24 on 111

We wish you all good health over the holidays and into the new year.

Monday 04/12/17

Remember we are only closed 25th & 26th December and 1st & 2nd of January. Please make sure you will not run out of medications during these times but please do not over order and stockpile drugs.

Tuesday 07/11/17

We have very few routine appointments due to staff shortage. Please help us by cancelling any appointments that you no longer require. Although nurse appointments cannot be booked on-line any nurse appointments that have been booked can be cancelled on-line. request for access to online appointments

If you want to register for access to the online appointment system complete the above form and hand in to reception

Monday 02/10/17

We are only open today for pre-booked flu vaccination appointments. If you require urgent care please call NHS 24 on 111

Open fully tomorrow as usual.

We will be running further flu clinics if you still require a flu vaccination please call for an appointment

Tuesday 25/07/17

NHS Fife have withdrawn our smoking cessation service and specialist practitioners no longer visit the practice. If you want to stop smoking see your local pharmacy or contact Smokeline on 0800 84 84 84

Tuesday 23/05/17

The problems with our IT systems are hopefully behind us

Friday 5th May 2017

Our main server has failed and we have no access to our clinical systems. We have many back-up and there should be no lost data but we currently can't access all of it or write to any of it. We have paper copies of what was in our appointment system up to 3pm on Wednesday that we are working from when people arrive for their appointments. Clinicians can see consultations, medications and history but there is no access to any historical hospital letters. Any consultations or prescriptions and being typed into documents and hand written all of which will have to be copied and recorded into the clinical systems once it's all been repaired hopefully by early next week! The next week or so is going to be a challenge so please try to be patient with us.

Thursday 4th May 2017

We have had a significant computer failure and our appointment  system may be unavailable for the next few days

Monday 1st May 2017

If you have pre-booked an appointment for Monday 1st May we are open, however, our phones will be off and emergencies are being covered by NHS 24 (phone 111). Patients with booked appointments should ring the doorbell to gain entry. 

28th February 2017

As from tomorrow (01/03/17) we will be implementing a DNA policy to try to combat the problem of patients who DNA (Do Not Attend - their appointment without cancelling). If we feel a patient is abusing our appointment system by not attending they will be sent a letter. If a patient persists in this behaviour they may be asked to leave the practice.

18th January 2017

We are running Shingles vaccination clinics check if you are eligible at

10th November 2016

The surgery will be closed from 12 noon. If you have an appointment with the physiotherapy or warfarin clinics please still attend as these are still running.

FLU CLINICS from 3rd October 2016 please telephone for an appointment

Wednesday 03/08/16

We still have very few routine appointments due to staff shortage. Please help us by cancelling any appointments that you no longer require. Although nurse appointments cannot be booked on-line any nurse appointments that have been booked can be cancelled on-line. request for access to online appointments

If you want to register for access to the online appointment system complete the above form and hand in to reception

Monday 2nd May 16

The surgery is open in the morning only for booked appointments and there will be no phones lines open. If you require medical attention that cannot wait until we are open telephone NHS24 on 111

Important Notice To Patients

18th April 16

We are currently changing the appointment system. The appointments available for booking are extremely restricted. This situation may improve once the details of the new system are decided and put into place. Thank you for your patience.

25th March 16

The Practice is working "at crisis level"

In line with national difficulties in GP recruitment, we have been unable to replace Dr Frew & Dr Firth.

This has resulted in an increase in waiting times for routine appointments and the processing of requests for repeat prescriptions and sick lines etc. The practice is currently carrying out a major review of our appointment system to ensure patient care and safety continues to be maintained.

It would be helpful if you allowed additional time when ordering repeat prescriptions and please be patient if your prescription has not been processed within 2 working days. Please cancel any booked appointments that are no longer required so that these can be offered to another patient.

All our staff are working extremely hard to manage the daily demand and we appreciate your understanding of the difficulties we are currently facing.


Please help us by completing the update your clinical record part of the website - particularly the smoking status part

When ordering asthma medication online why not complete the asthma review form so we can monitor your condition.

We are closed 28th March and there are no phone lines and only pre-booked appointments on 25th March If you require medical attention that cannot wait until we are open telephone NHS 24 on 111

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